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Denise Buchanan is the Co-Founder of the Caribbean Inspiration Center. She helped create this Center to address healing and justice for children in the Caribbean who have been sexually molested  especially by clergy or those who have been involved in human trafficking. Denise works towards helping survivors heal from sexual trauma through integrating mind-body-spirit healing modalities.

Denise is a Child Protection Advocate, Sacred Garden Designer, International Speaker and Author. Her book entitled “Sins of the Fathers: A True Story of Rape and Deception in the Catholic Church and Spiritual Renewal,"  gained global attention when she was the first to reveal her sexual molestation and impregnation by a priest at age 17 in Jamaica, and how she survived the childhood trauma. Denise is a Certified Domestic Abuse Counselor and is a Board Certified Psychoneurologist.  

Yunena Morales is the Co-Founder of the Caribbean Inspiration Center. She is a Sociologist and Social Worker who has spent over 30 years as a Nun in the Catholic Church.

She is passionate about restoring the health and vitality of woman sexually traumatized in childhood.

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